Why a Microscope


Why a Microscope

I was a Systemadministrator and BTW for the Institute for Medical Radiation in Essen Germany.

It allowed me to look inside the Science, what problems do they have? What do they need ….

My original Job, what i learned is Communication Electronic for Information Technology.

Mostly i learned how to plan electronic circuits or program in Assembly, or repair electronic like Television …

Most of this stuff is not used anymore Today, but it allows me to show behind today’s Technology and allows me to make them better, or to create new stuff 🙂

Why not making a Light througt Microscope my self, with the new technology myself? All this big Microscopes with Incubators, ok they have benefits, but to see how your cells are growing, why such expensive Microscope?

This was the start two Years ago, and yes it was not that easy as i was thinking, to get cells visible with only some sensors, like a c-mos ship and some lenses, but luckily after some test’s i found a way to make them visible. A normal Microscope has more than lenses.

After i got my first prototype working i startet to program my own software for it, it turns on the LED light only if it makes a picture, the c-mos sensor is that sensitive that it needs mostly not visible light, amazing.

Now as i got some good results i need to get into the next step, building a housing, and making it into a selling thing.

And this is not that easy as i was thinking, the first prototypes i would like to print my self, the first 3D printer got burned, happy that it ws only burning in the housing 🙂

The second was a remake, after the first print it never printed again 🙁

And the third is now amazing, now i got what i want to make the prototype housing, so i think one ore to more month, and we can start to build this amazing Microscope.