A new Live Cell Microscope is born..

A new Live Cell Microscope is born..

Not expensive, not BIG, in a normal Incubator and, only powered by an USB Cable.
Live view is possible with an amazing resolution of 5MP.

Z-axis (Focus) position of the Microscope can be adjusted with a step motor which is controlled from
integrated Tablet.The following pictures are only a crop of the full visible area.

In the near future darkening of image edges (vignetting) will be eliminated by optimized ways of lighting and image processing algorithms in combination.

Click on the Picture to get a higher Resolution Picture(not the full quality, but giving an impression).

The Software is easy to use, and allows you to setup the snapshot Interval time, from some seconds to some hours.

A feature will soon be added to the software, which will allow you to count cells conveniently and efficiently via an ImageJ connection with automated script commands.

Another feature to be added in the future are e-mail alerts if cells are getting confluent or other the culture reaches other parameters , that can be defined in ImageJ and will trigger an e-Maili alert. This will allow flexible use of the software tailored to requirements and endpoints.

Lighting with RGB-LEDs, which can create white light through color mixing, or color accents by differential regulation, generates flexibility for the visualization of a number of markers. Additionally the system has a LED that allows visualization of DAPI staining.

Stay tuned, more is to come!.

Currently the System consitst of a small Microscope and a Tablet for remote control of the microscope andive monitoring of your cultures. Data can be recorded to a SD Card.

Some more month will be required for testing , but support is already highly appreciated.

Please give me some more month of testing for it, but support us too.

If you are interested to get an offer or a prototype for evaluation, please contact us e.g. by filling out the contact form on the end of this page.. The prototype would be a preproduct version that allows only recording, but includes free Software updates, and upgrades.. Or fill out the contact form on the end of this page.


The Youtube movies are made with the second prototype. The original file size is mostly more than 1 Gb. Youtube uses a high compression, but the quality will getting better with the new prototype and Software.